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Pescaraz Italian Restaurant
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Pescaraz Italian Restaurant
Italy, a country rich in culture, is even better known for its food and wine. Italians have a genuine passion for sharing meals with family and friends. It's the passion that led us to open Pescaraz, and we hope to bring you Italy's most flavorful meals. Our imagination along with timeless recipes allow us to create dishes full of flavor, served in a relaxed, casual dining environment. Even native Italians agree -- Pescaraz is the place to be for authentic, traditional Italian meals. For the best in Italian, come to Pescaraz -- Amarillo's locally owned and operated Italian restaurant. Why We Named Our Restaurant Pescaraz Pescara is the capital city of the Province of Pescara in Italy, and translates to "abundance of fish". And no wonder, since Pescara is located on the coast of the Adriatic sea. The name reminds us of the elegance, romance, architecture and history of Italy. We added a "z" at the end for some flair! Mangia! (So, eat! in Italian)
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At the corner of 7th & Polk, you will find a lively patio, where people gather to celebrate the workday's end or meet before a downtown dining or symphony event. Inside is a cafe setting, filled with smells of savory tapas and small plate selections from around the world. At the deli counter, the sight of artisan cheeses and meats chosen to compliment the impressive and ever-changing wine by-the-glass selection (over 50). On one side a charming marble bar, backed with Italian made Enomatic wine dispense and preservation systems; on the other, an enclosed, climate controlled wine shop displaying a vast, 300+ bottle selection of wines for here or retail to go. There is a little something here for everyone to fall in love with, including the hard-to-find selections you would be challenged to uncover anywhere else between Dallas and Denver. We have taken the unique opportunity to offer wines to our customers through two different routes of trade. First we have built a restaurant and wine bar for people to come and create their own unique wine experience. This allows people to come and try wines and the foods that go with them, in an atmosphere that is entertaining, educational and relaxing. We offer over 50 wines by the 6 oz. glass or by a 3 oz. half glass, or “taster”. We rotate new wines on to this list every two weeks to offer the best exposure from our wine cellar which holds over 300 selections, all of which available to drink by the bottle. Second, we also operate as a retail shop. Like any other retail store, whether it be a grocery store, a package liquor store or discount warehouse, we offer our wines at a very competitive retail price to take home. The difference is that we meticulously select our wines on quality, varietal correctness and value. Our staff is knowledgeable and courteous and always happy to help you find the best wine for you. We extend quantity discounts to our customers. Our greatest offer or added value is being able to try these wines before you buy. Yes a bottle of wine carries two prices at Crush, one for in-house consumption, one for a take home retail. In our wine shop, the bottles are marked with both prices. We are not trying to fool anyone here. Like any restaurant or wine bar, we have in-house costs that we must justify in our pricing: wine inventory, storage, glassware, our open bottle preservation system and our service, are all legitimate and what we feel are fair to recover. UNLIKE any other restaurant or wine bar, our mark up is considerably lower. A lot lower. It is not a flat markup or corkage fee. It is based on a small percentage, a fraction of what most restaurants consider the norm. Bottom line, our in-house glass and bottle prices are cheaper than any other restaurant or wine bar in this city, or most cities for that matter. There are only a handful of wine lists in Amarillo that you could even try to compare ours to, but I challenge you to do so. We are very proud of our product because we are very passionate about wine, food and the friends we have made through them. We feel that keeping our in-house pricing lower, will generate good will, as well as traffic. We listen to our customers, if you have any questions or concerns about our system, please drop me a note: bosalling@yahoo.com , or stop by Crush and we can further discuss this over a glass of wine. --snip--
BL Bistro
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BL Bistro
BL Bistro is locally owned and operated by Brian and Lizzie Mason. BL Bistro opened on August 16, 2000 at 2916 Wolflin Avenue in Amarillo. In the beginning, BL Bistro's menu was loaded with Greek cuisine and had small space with 9 tables and 12 bar seats. Through the years, BL changed and enhanced its menus as often as possible, to keep up with trends and tastes of our fellow Amarilloans. After a successful 5 years on Wolflin Ave, the Masons got the opportunity to move locations. A major overhaul at an old bank drive-up and a move, less than a mile away, gave BL Bistro a new home. Now located at 2203 S. Austin Street, BL is able to offer a bigger dining room, a separate, larger bar and even a patio! We evolved into BL Bistro Steaks and Seafood and maintain an eclectic menu and exquisite wine list. We have nightly specials that are not to be missed! BL Bistro is made possible by our friendly and hardworking staff, who strive everyday to make our diners' experiences one of a kind! Thank you to all our patrons who have supported us for 10 years!
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